Printing Construction Drawings in Color Can Save You Money

Category: General Published on May 14 2016
Construction drawings are an important tool for contractors, builders, and architects.  They outline a detailed plan of what is to be built and how it will be constructed.  They are drawn to scale, incorporating various architectural symbols and patterns to indicate different materials and landmarks.  Dotted lines, cross hatches, and grids are just a few examples of the patterns used by architects.
There are several different types of construction drawings, each used for different purposes.  These include exterior elevations, vertically sliced sections, 3d models, and floor plans.  In many cases, these drawings can also include a large amount of detailed information and specific elements.  All of these patterns, lines, shapes, and notes can be difficult to keep track of, especially when everything is printed in black and white.  When multiple groups of people are working on a single project, much of this vital information can be lost, costing time and money.  An easy solution to these problems is to print construction drawings in color.
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Going Paperless

Category: General Published on May 04 2016

The phrase “going paperless” has been a commonplace term in modern offices for years.  In an effort to run more efficiently and become more environmentally conscious, businesses have been trying to greatly reduce, or even eliminate, the use of paper in the office.   As part of RedKnight’s efforts to go paperless, every new business process has been carefully analyzed to minimize the amount of paper being used.  Since the start of the company, ten filing cabinets full of important information have been reduced to only one as a result of these efforts.  An invaluable step in this process has been the implementation of electronic billing and scanning of important documents.

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Would one more project make a difference this year?

Category: General Published on Jan 27 2015

Not every contractor, builder or developer goes after bids. We all know they are a great way to get work and keep the business going, but just getting a job directly is often more profitable. Think about what difference one more job a year would make. Not just in terms of keeping busy, but as far as margins, growth and stability of the business. What would one extra job mean to your business? To have one more this year than you did last year?

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Should I do my own wide format printing or outsource it?

Category: General Published on Jan 05 2015

This is a question many print shops get asked throughout the month. As you look at buying your own equipment and evaluating if it’s worth investing in or not. The answer is not as simple as you think it is, in fact the answer is large bound to how your business best works.

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Negotiate printing when starting a project

Category: General Published on Jan 01 2015

Many times printers will negotiate print costs on large construction jobs. This means as you start working, part of what you need to think about is can you possibly cut print costs by forcing all involved parties to use the same printer? The answer to that can be found in how large government jobs are put out for bids.

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