Going Paperless

Category: General Published on May 04 2016

The phrase “going paperless” has been a commonplace term in modern offices for years.  In an effort to run more efficiently and become more environmentally conscious, businesses have been trying to greatly reduce, or even eliminate, the use of paper in the office.   As part of RedKnight’s efforts to go paperless, every new business process has been carefully analyzed to minimize the amount of paper being used.  Since the start of the company, ten filing cabinets full of important information have been reduced to only one as a result of these efforts.  An invaluable step in this process has been the implementation of electronic billing and scanning of important documents.

The benefits of going paperless are many. Most apparently, reduced paper usage leads to lower day to day costs. Without the need for photocopiers and printers, the cost of their maintenance and supplies is nullified. Digital documents allow for quicker access to information, even outside of the office. The ability to remotely access information creates opportunities to work away from the office and have a more flexible schedule. Important files can be more easily sorted and shared when all documents are digitally saved. When there is an overabundance of hard-copy documents being stored in an office space, it is very easy for papers to be misfiled or lost. If instead, documents are stored digitally, they can be searched for and retrieved in an instant. With less space taken up by physical documents and storage cabinets, there is more room for other equipment or tools needed for business. In some cases, a company may even be able to move to a smaller location, reducing costs.

The process of going paperless can be intimidating, but there are several key steps to follow that can make the task easier. Firstly, the implementation of online bill paying and paperless statements can streamline the coordination of invoices and make payments easier to keep track of. Also, there are many types of file storage and transfer software that can be used for internal document sharing. These can be extremely helpful when used alongside a document storage plan set with specific guidelines. These systems also allow for documents to be password protected, securing certain documents for the users they pertain to. Paper forms can be replaced with fillable PDF forms and traditional signatures can be swapped out for electronic ones. One of the major reasons documents are printed is for the ease of cross referencing them when side by side. To combat this excess printing, a setup of multiple computer monitors can be used in much the same way.

RedKnight is committed to finding more efficient ways of getting things done. It shows in our increased productivity as we continue to use less and less paper. Our efforts to go paperless have streamlined our operations, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

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