Printing Construction Drawings in Color Can Save You Money

Category: General Published on May 14 2016
Construction drawings are an important tool for contractors, builders, and architects.  They outline a detailed plan of what is to be built and how it will be constructed.  They are drawn to scale, incorporating various architectural symbols and patterns to indicate different materials and landmarks.  Dotted lines, cross hatches, and grids are just a few examples of the patterns used by architects.
There are several different types of construction drawings, each used for different purposes.  These include exterior elevations, vertically sliced sections, 3d models, and floor plans.  In many cases, these drawings can also include a large amount of detailed information and specific elements.  All of these patterns, lines, shapes, and notes can be difficult to keep track of, especially when everything is printed in black and white.  When multiple groups of people are working on a single project, much of this vital information can be lost, costing time and money.  An easy solution to these problems is to print construction drawings in color.

The most palpable advantage to printing construction drawings in color is the increase in readability.  When in color, different sections, materials, and structures are more clearly defined than when everything is in black and white.  Different patterns of lines and shapes can get muddled together, but contrasting colors create clear delineations.  Colors are also much easier to remember and to mentally assign meaning to. As long as a standard meaning for each color is established, work can be done much more efficiently, saving you money.

Printing construction drawings in color also improves communication between everyone working on a project.  Using color along with architectural symbols ensures that everyone involved will understand the plans.  In this way, it is much less likely that mistakes will be made.  With fewer mistakes, the time normally used for fixing errors can be used for making progress.  Most contractors shy away from color printing because of its cost; however, the cost of change orders, rework, omissions, and RFI’s vastly outweighs the cost of color printing.  Color printing can save you days of delay and get you onto your next job that much sooner.

It is common for contractors to make marks on black and white construction drawings with colored pencil to make them easier to work with.  If the plans are initially printed in color, there won’t be a need to do so.  This allows contractors to review drawings and make estimates confidently and accurately.  Being able to make estimates for customers in this fashion lets contractors take on more jobs.  In the end, printing construction drawings in color leads to a more cost effective operation and higher profits.
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