Would one more project make a difference this year?

Category: General Published on Jan 27 2015

Not every contractor, builder or developer goes after bids. We all know they are a great way to get work and keep the business going, but just getting a job directly is often more profitable. Think about what difference one more job a year would make. Not just in terms of keeping busy, but as far as margins, growth and stability of the business. What would one extra job mean to your business? To have one more this year than you did last year?

Many of our customers ask us why we care so much about the quality of the paper we print their business cards on, why we often recommend they have certain pieces re-designed or put some money into getting their materials up to date. The answer is actually quite simple, it’s because we care and understand how much a difference one more job a year can make. How it can help transform and grow a business. How an improvement on a bid package, a nicer business card, better looking flyer or top of the line website can help close just that one extra deal every year. How these things may not seem important until you actually implement them and all of a sudden, for what seems to be no reason, the business is seeing that one extra job per year.

If you are in an industry where you make small sales, one extra sale a year won’t make a difference. When you think in larger terms, how much would one more kitchen remodel, one more addition, one more build actually mean? Would spending a few hundred dollars today to help seal that one deal be worth it? Would using your current resources be worth the future growth? We can’t answer these questions for you, but what we can tell you is that there is a direct connection between the quality of materials you hand out, the quality of your website, the quality of your business and how many deals people close. Think about the last time you did not get a bid, not a bid you lost because of price, but a bid you knew you should have had and for some reason it didn’t close.

Was it because of your sales person, because of someone else doing better work? Most likely not, there was something the customer saw, experienced or noticed that just made the other bidder seem better in some way. The customer can’t explain it, they can’t tell you what it was, it was just a feeling they got. That feeling had been built from the time they talked to them, to the materials they had been handed until the moment they signed the contract. The quality of your work will then determine how many of their friends they will send to you. Keep in mind that a purchasing experience is everything during that time, from first touch till project completion. So take a look at your materials, take a look at your website. Are they good enough to just help close that one extra deal this year that you lost last year?

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